Why was this new PiH site (Phase II) developed?

The CFPC (College of Family Physicians of Canada) and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) collaborated to develop the Prevention in Hand (PiH) initiative website. The site provides physicians and other health care providers with direct access through a single portal to valuable tools and resources from major organizations and Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Canada to support healthy behaviours and chronic disease prevention among their patients, including:

  • Clinical practice guidelines to support early identification and management of various diseases
  • Instructional videos on motivational interviewing to guide health care providers on how to support their patients’ healthy behaviour and lifestyle changes
  • Risk assessment tools
  • Available resources to support healthy lifestyle changes


Why is this site called Prevention in Hand?

The name has two associations. First, it suggests that prevention is something a person can address, ie, it is in their hand. Secondly, the name relates to the increasingly widespread use of handheld electronic tools. This association will take on more significance once a downloadable app is developed.

How was this site developed?

A systematic search of the Internet identified over 8,000 links from Canadian sources alone. Links were kept if they related to established, reputable organizations. No commercial sites were included.
Information is organized in four main sites:


Who developed this site?

The PiH (Phase I) development was guided by an Expert Advisory Group
The PiH (Phase II) development was guided by the CFPC PiH Development and Steering Committee.

How reliable is the information?

The sources of all links have been reviewed. The content belongs to the organizations to which links are made. Only reputable Canadian organizations, both governmental and non-governmental, have been linked. Nevertheless, neither the PHAC nor the CFPC is responsible for the content provided by these organizations.
[See Disclaimer.]
All links are routinely scanned to ensure that they are active.

What are the objectives of the implementation of Phase II of the PiH website?

  • To provide a user-friendly Web portal and smartphone application for health care professionals across Canada that will function as a go-to resource for tools and knowledge related to health care
  • To provide an opportunity for the expansion of professional training on the PiH website for family physicians that meets the criteria for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements


Can I tell you about a good link that should be included?

Additional information either about links that are provided or about a link that should be included is most welcome. All suggestions will be reviewed. Please address your comments to [email protected]

Who are the target audiences?

  • Physicians
  • Other health care professionals (nurses, social workers, physician assistants, dietitians, etc.)
  • Residents
  • The general public
  • Government (health ministers, MPs, MPPs/MLAs)
  • Media
  • CPD suppliers

What is the CFPC Member Login site?

The PiH CFPC Member Login site includes a series of interactive e-learning modules related to the prevention of chronic diseases. It is a bilateral single sign-on to the PiH e-Learning Module Platform site and the CFPC CPD site.

Please log in to the site with the same CFPC member user name and password to earn your CPD credits!