Smoking cessation


Access to point-of-care tools and resources for health care providers, as listed in CAN-ADAPTT's smoking cessation guideline.


Cannabis Resources for Family Physicians

Category : Practitioner / Alcohol Consumption / Mental Health Conditions / Smoking cessation / Chronic Diseases / Mental illness


Category : Practitioner / Smoking cessation
Tobacco Smoking in Children and Adolescents (2017)

Smoking Cessation in the Workplace: A Guide to Helping Your Employees Quit Smoking

Category : Practitioner / Smoking cessation
Smoking Cessation

Tools & Resources

Category : Practitioner / Smoking cessation
CAN-ADAPTT guidelines

Walk/Run to a Smoke-Free Life

Category : Patient / Practitioner / Smoking cessation / What can I do / What can I do
Run to Quit


Non-Medical Cannabis Resource: Ontario

Category : Practitioner / Alcohol Consumption / Smoking cessation / Chronic Pain
It is important to provide a safe, non-judgmental environment that allows for open dialogue. Counsel patients that use non-medical cannabis on harm reduction techniques and potential risk factors.

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Category : Practitioner / Smoking cessation
Smoking Cessation Guidelines